The Penn State Homecoming 2020 Logo Reveal!

The Penn State Homecoming 2020 Logo Reveal!

Homecoming 2020 has been working hard to make this year’s Homecoming the best yet. The logo is such a big part of what makes Homecoming so great. Our graphic designer Ron Feinberg is currently a junior majoring in graphic design. He has done an amazing job designing our logo. Here is some insight into the thought process behind it!

What was your design process in creating the logo?  

Starting with research into past homecoming logos, I noticed the frequent use of iconic Penn State imagery (Lion Shrine, Old Main, etc) meshed within imagery that best represents the annual theme. To keep the concept of the annual logos cohesive, I followed this idea while making sure to keep the theme imagery and illustration style fresh and eye-catching. 

How do you think the logo embodies this year’s theme “Envisioning Nittany Horizons”?  

This logo is a metaphorical connection between Penn State imagery and the chosen theme, “Envisioning Nittany Horizons”. The logo connects these two topics by combining Old Main with a lighthouse. A lighthouse allows us to quite literally envision a horizon while keeping us safe in our journey forward, wherever that may be. Combining this with the iconic imagery of Old Main with a sleek illustration styling evokes the feeling that Penn State is the one guiding us forward into the future. 

What’s your favorite aspect of the logo?  

Probably the fact that it actually worked out! I was pretty skeptical through most of my illustration process but I gotta say that I’m extremely happy with the final product. 

What does Penn State Homecoming mean to you, especially as a merch captain this year?  

Penn State Homecoming has a bit of history in my family (s/o my sister Dena Feinberg, parade director 2013), so I knew that this year being my last chance to get involved meant I should just shoot for a position and see where my cards land. Once I got the merch position, I would have been extremely happy with that alone, but knowing I’m going to be designing some of the merch with my own logo is pretty sweet to think about on top of it all! 


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