5 Things Penn Stater’s Should Do During Quarantine

5 Things Penn Stater’s Should Do During Quarantine

As we approach almost our third week of being away from Penn State it’s seems like the world is a little less Blue and White. Nonetheless miles away we are still “For the Glory!” Here are some suggestions to keep you busy until we can be back at our beautiful campus. 

1.Watch highlight videos of Sean Clifford  

Number fourteen on the field but number one in our hearts! You can never go wrong with a simple highlight video of our champion of all champions. If you are feeling extra down, you can watch our him beat Michigan this year and relive all the magic of the White Out game.  

2. Learn the Penn State Alma Mater 

We all know every time this plays, we all just kind of hum along and pretend like we know the words but just don’t want to sing them. Prepare yourself for this football season and show your Penn State pride by learning all the words. I recommend leaving it on repeat for the rest of quarantine. You will be a pro in no time!  

3. Practicing for Nittany Lion Tryouts 

Now is great time to go outside and get some exercise. Take a walk, go for a jog, or do some yoga. Just make sure you are staying six feet away from everyone else. Maybe by the end of quarantine you will be able to do a few one-handed pushups. 

4. Start Building Your Float for Homecoming 2020 

Those floats need to be elaborate if you expect to win. The stakes have been raised after last year’s masterpieces! Get on a group Facetime or Zoom with your organization and start coming up with some winning ideas for you Homecoming 2020 floats.  

5. Fall Asleep to Blue Band Music 

If all else fails and you still don’t feel the Blue and White running through your veins the only thing left to do is listen to the Blue Band.  Get all cozy with a box of Kleenex and really let out all your feeling of not being on Penn State campus. The Blue Band will make everything better! 

-Hady Truesdail 

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