Alumni Relations

What AR Does

The Alumni Relations Committee works closely with the Penn State Alumni Association to ensure that alumni have a great experience when they return for Homecoming events, as well as to highlight the successes and achievements of Penn State alumni throughout the year. We coordinate all logistics involving Homecoming’s Grand Marshal and Honorary Grand Marshal, two individuals who exemplify the mission and ideals of this university. We also strive to build and maintain a strong relationship between the Homecoming Executive Committee, Penn State alumni, and the Penn State community through various events and initiatives, such as the Student-Alumni Ice Cream Social and the Tailgate Competition. Our committee color is Royal Blue.                           

For questions or concerns please contact Alumni Relations Director, Sarah Leipham, at


Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

This captain will work closely with the Alumni Relations Director in a variety of organization and team-building roles. They are responsible for taking meeting minutes, sending out reminder emails, and creating timelines for week-of events. The Administrative Assistant will also order all Alumni Relations committee merchandise, work closely with fellow captains, especially the Alumni Engagement captain, in creating new ways to increase student-alumni engagement, and organize team-building activities. It is important for this captain to be organized and have strong communication skills.

Grand Marshal/Honorary Grand Marshal Liaison (1)

This captain will be in charge of maintaining contact with Homecoming's Grand Marshal and Honorary Grand Marshal prior to and throughout Homecoming Week, ensuring that they are aware of the timeline and other important information. They are in charge of promoting the Grand Marshal and Honorary Grand Marshal to the Penn State population, including planning how they will be revealed and sharing how these individuals have contributed to the Penn State community. This individual must be organized, demonstrate professionalism, and have strong communication skills.

Student-Alumni Ice Cream Social Captains (1)

This captain will plan the Student-Alumni Ice Cream Social. They will work closely with the Alumni Association to formulate the event layout, entertainment and activities, and the timeline. This captain will be responsible for reaching out to performing organizations, student organizations, and the student population in order to increase attendance and help advertise the event. This individual must demonstrate creativity and an ability to work through event planning logistics.

Tailgate Competition Captain (1)

This captain will organize the Tailgate Competition held on Homecoming Gameday, as well as advertise it to recruit more participants. They will be responsible for preparing the competition's rules, categories, and scoring rubric, contacting potential alumni contestants and student organizations, and creating a timeline for the day of judging. The Tailgate Competition Captain will solidify prizes and promotional material, oversee registration, and help judge tailgates on the day of. This captain should be able to communicate creative ideas to PR for promoting the event and be willing to brainstorm ways to encourage the registration of new participants.

Alumni Engagement (1)

This captain will be in charge of working with the Alumni Association to promote student engagement with alumni beyond just Homecoming Week, including guest speakers, luncheons and networking events. They will also work with PR to feature alumni through the Alumni Spotlight Initiative on social media. This captain will work closely with the Administrative Assistant, as well as the Alumni Association, to create new events and initiatives that will further engage students and alumni. They should be ambitious in their efforts to stay engaged with and highlight the successes of alumni, and will be in charge of creating new ways to showcase our alumni throughout the Homecoming season.