What Comp Does

The Competition Committee is responsible for coordinating the registration of student organizations and the scoring/judging for all competition events. We continue to develop the spirit point system for all Homecoming events as well as manage the Rulebook. All aspects of Homecoming pertaining to competition fall within this committee. We are also in charge of all communication between Homecoming and the competing organizations. We work to recruit new organizations and remain as an available resource for all Homecoming information as well as coordinating the annual For the Glory Talent Show.  Our committee color is Black


For questions or concerns please contact Competition Director, Jamie Letender, at


Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the organization aspect of the Competition Committee and will assist the Director, Captains, and Committee Members as needed.  This person is responsible for taking meeting minutes, sending reminder emails to Competition Captains and Committee Members, creating shift timelines and schedules, organizing Committee bonding events, and attending bi-weekly meetings with the Administrative Assistants of the other Homecoming Committees.  The Administrative Assistant will also be responsible for handling the Pre-Registration and Final Registration of organizations competing in Homecoming 2017.  In addition to these responsibilities, this person will facilitate the ordering of merchandise for the Competition Captains and Committee Members.  This Captain should be very organized, have good communication skills, and be familiar with Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Events Captain (2)

The Events Captains are responsible for the judging aspect of all Competitive Events as well as the organization and execution of the Madhatter Competition and Banner Competition.  These Captains must secure different judges for each Competitive Event by contacting students, faculty, and alumni to discuss their availability and interest in becoming a judge.  The Events Captains are responsible for communicating all necessary information with event judges and must be present to greet the judges and explain the scoring process at each event.  They will also be required to present gifts and thank you notes to each judge.  In addition to these responsibilities, the Events Captains will organize Banner Collection and the judging process (judging times, rubrics, and scoring) of Banner Competition.  These Captains will also be in charge of the execution of all areas of the Madhatter Competition.  The Events Captains should be outgoing, organized, have good communication skills, and be willing to reach out to distinguished Penn State students, faculty, and alumni.

Points Captain (2) 

The Points Captains are responsible for recording and updating Spirit and Competition Points for all competing organizations. These Captains are required to attend all events at which Spirit and/or Competition Points are available and will be in charge of signing in organization members to receive points.  They are required to create detailed spreadsheets that will be used by themselves as well as Competition Captains and Committee Members to keep track of all Competition and Spirit Points for each specific event.  In addition to these responsibilities, the Points Captains will also assist the Competition Director in the maintenance and enforcing of the 2017 Homecoming Rulebook.  They will be responsible for administering deductions according to the rules set forth in the Rulebook and will be required to create Rulebook quizzes that will be given to Competition Captains as well as Homecoming Chairs of each organization.  These captains should be organized, prompt, and have some experience in creating spreadsheets (Google Sheets or Excel).

Organization Liaison (3) 

The Organization Liaisons serve as the main point of communication for all Penn State Homecoming Competitors. These captains must have a vast knowledge of everything involved with Competition Homecoming including events, rules, dates, and scoring and will need to be prepared to answer competitor questions at any time.  They will also be responsible for the planning and execution of the Spring and Fall Homecoming Information Meetings.  The competing pairings will be split and each Organization Liaison will be given a group of competitors for which they will provide information and send reminders to.  These Captains must be responsible, organized, have strong communication skills, and be prepared to work with a large number of individuals.

Talent Show Captain (1)

 The Talent Show Captain is responsible for the organization and execution of the For The Glory Talent Show Tryouts, Dress Rehearsal, and Day of Show.  This Captain will attend meetings with Eisenhower staff and Homecoming Advisors throughout the year to provide updates and necessary information regarding the planning of the FTG Talent Show.  They will be responsible for coordinating the Dress Rehearsal and Day of Show with Eisenhower staff and competing organizations.  During both the Dress Rehearsal and Day of Show, the Talent Show Captain will supervise backstage where they will be in charge of time management, FTG Talent Show competitors, and lighting/curtain/music control.  This Captain, with the assistance of the Competition Director, will also be responsible for working with other Directors and their respective Committees to plan, publicize, and execute the FTG Talent Show.  The Talent Show Captain should be organized, responsible, and have good communication skills.