Distribution Management

What DM Does

The Distribution Management Committee is responsible for managing the logistics across committees. This includes the acquisition, organization, and distribution of all supplies for Homecoming events. We work very closely with the Finance, Donor Relations, and OPPerations committees to manage all Homecoming resources. Our committee color is Lime Green.

For questions or concerns please contact Distribution Management Director, Kara Fickinger, at distributionhomecoming@psu.edu.

Captain Positions

Admin (1)

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for all administrative duties that occur within the Distribution Management Committee. This Captain will assist the Director and help with general tasks such as taking minutes, ordering merchandise for the committee, and managing communication within the Committee. This Captain will also attend bi-weekly admin. round table meetings in addition to their committee captain meeting. This Captain should be reliable, organized, and professional.

Purchasing (1)

The Purchasing Captain will be responsible for finding quotes from different vendors and buying the needed supplies for all Homecoming events. This person will be in close communication with the Inventory Captains in order to determine how much of each item needs to be purchased. This Captain should be very organized.

Committee Liaison (1)

The Committee Liaison Captain will be responsible for assisting each committee to ensure all supplies are requested prior to the event. This Captain will create a supply request document to send out to Directors/Captains before each event and will also be the point of contact for any questions during this process.This captain should be organized and have good communication skills.

Inventory (2)

The Inventory Captains are responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of all Homecoming items stored both on and off campus. This entails keeping the Homecoming storage space organized at all times and taking a periodic count of all materials to ensure clear communication. Inventory Captains should be organized and detail-oriented.

Logistics (2)

The Logistics Captains will be responsible for creating the timeline for pickup and return of all items for each Homecoming event. These Captains work closely with the OPPerations committee to coordinate supply pick ups and drop offs. They will also be responsible for making a committee timeline for each Homecoming event. Logistics Captains should be friendly and organized.