Internal Development

What ID Does  

The Internal Development (ID) Committee works to promote professional and personal growth of all Captains and Committee Members (in coordination with the Executive Director and Graduate Advisor). The Committee plans various workshops to grow leadership skills, as well as bonding activities to enhance collaboration between the different committees. This committee is also responsible for planning and coordinating the logistics of the Friends and Family Tent at the parade and the End of the Year Banquet to thank all Captains for their hard work throughout the year. Our Committee color is Pink.

For questions or concerns please contact Director of Internal Development, Maggie Straub, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The administrative assistant is responsible for the organizational aspect of the Internal Development Committee. This captain will know the inner workings of the committee and work very closely with the Director. They will be responsible for recording meeting minutes, sending reminder emails, acting as an intra-committee liaison, and ordering merchandise. This captain should be very organized, prompt, and comfortable communicating with other Directors, captains, and committee members. They should also be familiar with Google Drive.

Professional Development (2)

The professional development captains will be in charge of planning and executing workshops for both captains and committee members. The main goal of professional development is to give captains and committee members skills that will translate past Homecoming and into their professional life as well. These captains will be in charge of creating event agendas, finding guest speakers, and orchestrating all workshops. These captains need to be organized and comfortable planning events, but most importantly, comfortable communicating with Penn State staff in a professional manner.

Engagement (1)

The engagement captain will be in charge of organizing bonding activities throughout the year. The goal being to increase the involvement between all captains and committee members. They will be responsible for planning social events and activities for all members. This captain must be able to think outside the box and create activities that are enjoyable and promote bonding. This captain should also be outgoing, confident in planning events, and excited to encourage bonding.

Bonding and Friends and Family Tent (1)

This captain will be responsible for organizing the Friends & Family Tent (F&FT) on parade day. The F&FT is where distinguished alumni, guests of the Homecoming Executive Committee, Student Court, and Faculty Court sit during the parade. This captain will arrange the guest list, as well as send out invitations and save the date reminders. They are also responsible for creating and distributing VIP passes, organizing the setup and decoration of the tent, and coordinating food and refreshments for parade day. This captain will work closely with Alumni Relations, as well as communicate with many other committees including Security, OPP, and Donor Relations. This captain should be creative, organized, and have strong communication skills.