Internal Development

What ID Does

The Internal Development (ID) Committee works to promote professional and persona growth of all captains and committee members (in coordination with the Executive Director and Graduate Advisor ). This committee is responsible for planning and coorinating the logistics of the Friends and Family Tent at the parade, Captain/ Committee Workshops, and the End of the Year Banquet. Our Committee color is Pink. For questions or concerns pleact contact Director of Internal Development, Ally Berdan, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the organizational aspect of the Internal Development Committee. This Captain will know all inner workings of the committee and will work closely with the Director to accomplish all tasks.  They are responsible for recording meeting minutes, sending reminder emails, coordinating ID committee bonding activities, communicating with other Homecoming committees, and ordering committee merchandise. The Administrative Assistant will also run Admin Roundtable meetings in the fall, which are weekly meetings for all of the admins to go over the work being done on their committee and to make general announcements. This Captain should be very organized, prompt, and have excellent communication skills. They should also be very familiar with Google Drive and Google Groups.

CM Professional Development and End of the Year Banquet (2)

These Captains will have two main responsibilities. The first will be to plan committee member (CM) development events including CM orientation and one workshop. There is a lot of flexibility in using their own ideas to plan these events as well as building off prior successes and areas for improvement. They will also work closely with the Captain Professional Development Captains to plan a retreat during the fall semester. The goal is to allow committee members to grow in their Homecoming experience, meet lots of people, and have fun while doing it! Second, these captains will be responsible for planning the End of the Year Banquet for Directors, Captains, Advisors, and special guests who work to make Homecoming a success. They will work with Donor Relations and Distribution Management to coordinate food donations and decorations for the event. They will send out invitations, decorate the space, coordinate food, and book a special performance. They must be extremely organized and creative as they will be planning the final Homecoming event.


Bonding and Friends and Family Tent (2)

These Captains will have two main responsibilities. The first will be to strive to increase the involvement between all captains and committee members. They will be responsible for planning social events and activities for all members of Homecoming which may include Homecoming sporting events, a Captain Assassin’s game, cookouts, and tailgates. They will also be responsible for organizing the Friends & Family Tent (F&FT) on parade day. The F&FT is where distinguished alumni, guests of the Homecoming Executive Committee, Student Court, and Faculty Court will sit during the parade. These Captains will arrange the guest list and then design and send invitations/save-the-date reminders for the tent. They are also responsible for creating and distributing the guest passes at the entrance to the tent, organizing the setup and decoration of the tent, and coordinating food and refreshments on parade day. After the conclusion of the Homecoming parade, they will be responsible for sending out thank you cards to all those who contributed. They will also need to work closely with Alumni Relations to accommodate important alumni and friends. These Captains will work closely with and serve as liaisons to the Alumni Relations, Security, OPP and Donor Relations Committees to plan and execute the tent setup. These Captains should be creative, organized, and have strong communication skills. It is a really great way to get to show Penn State Pride.


Captain Professional Development (2)

These two Captains will help plan and execute all captain development events. The Captain development events include, but are not limited to, captain orientation, two captain workshops, and a retreat. Orientation will be a fun introduction to Homecoming, Workshop #1 will include teambuilding activities, and Workshop #2 will be professional development. These Captains will be in charge of planning icebreakers/teambuilding activities, organizing the structure of the events, and identifying and securing guest speakers. The Captains will also assist the Internal Development Director in planning all necessary Power Points for workshops. These Captains should be creative, extremely organized, and have strong communication skills.