What Merch Does

The Merchandise Committee coordinates every aspect of merchandise ordering and sales for the general public both on campus and at Homecoming events. We are responsible for maintaining the inventory of all merchandise and for documenting merchandise purchases throughout the year. We work to find innovative ways to market and sell Homecoming merchandise, and to emphasize brand pervasiveness and customer service. We also coordinate all online store orders and ensure the online store is operating correctly. Our committee color is Sapphire.

For questions or concerns please contact Merchandise Director, Allison Gaddis, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for all administrative duties within the Merchandise captain committee. This captain will act as liaison between the Merchandise committee and all other Homecoming committees. This position involves taking precise meeting minutes and managing the merchandise online store. Online store responsibilities include packing and shipping all online orders and responding to customer service questions via email. The Administrative Assistant will also be aiding the director with reviewing all Homecoming competitors’ merchandise before participation in Homecoming events to make sure all attire is Homecoming appropriate. This Captain should be very prompt and organized.

Finance Liaison (1)

The Finance Captain will serve as a liaison between the Merchandise and Finance committees. This Captain will be responsible for maintaining a financial tracking database and creating reports using that information for the director. They must be able to create income statements, expense reports, and invoices (in Excel or another comparable medium) to analyze merchandise sales. Keeping track of finances is crucial to ensuring our success as a committee. A background in Excel or other spreadsheet programs, or finance and accounting, is preferred for this position.

Graphic Design (2)

These Captains will be in charge of all the graphic design needs that the Merchandise committee may have. They will work together to share ideas, but may have individual responsibilities for certain assignments. These captains will be responsible for developing new items and logos for homecoming gear. Furthermore, these Captains will also be asked to design posters with the prices of each item for merch sales. The ideal candidate should be extremely creative and dedicated and have an interest in fashion. These captains must be proficient in using Photoshop or other graphic design programs and must provide a portfolio with at least three pieces of work with the application. 

Inventory (2)

The major responsibility of the Inventory captains is to make sure all location sales are supplied with merchandise. Merchandise needs to be inventoried after every sale, therefore they will be asked to keep accurate records of inventory, spot any trends in selling, and work together with the finance Captain to produce reports on sales of items. These Captains must also have a way to record how much of each item is sold at each sale. These Captains must be very organized, proficient with Excel, and flexible.

Ordering (1)

The Ordering Captain will be responsible for placing all orders for Homecoming specific merchandise, as well as participating organizations that use our licensed vendor. This captain will work closely with the Merchandise Director and our vendors to ensure that all merchandise orders are correct. This Captain must be organized, be able to respond to e-mails promptly, have a strong attention to detail, and be very patient. 

Head of Sales (2)

The Head of Sales Captains will select the members of the Merchandise Committee, who will help work sales in the HUB and at Homecoming events. The Head of Sales captains will be responsible for building unity within the Merchandise Committee and working with the administrative assistant to plan activities with the captains and committee members. These Captains must be creative in finding ways to keep committee members involved in Homecoming throughout the year. Head of Sales captains will not only attend weekly meetings with the Merchandise Director and Captains, but they will also be expected to hold weekly meetings with their Merchandise Committee. They will also be responsible for creating a schedule for committee members and Captains to ensure that sales are manned at all times. These Captains will make sure all captains and committee members are aware of the sale procedures by working with the director to teach the skills necessary to best sell our products. Additionally, these captains will work with the Inventory captains to ensure all sales bins are accurately stocked before and after each sale. These Captains must be strong leaders and great role models for their committee.