What OPP Does

The OPPerations Committee is responsible for the logistics behind all Homecoming Events. We plan and prepare to know how each event will work and ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. In order to do so, we acquire, setup, manage, and teardown all equipment used for the event as well as coordinate the use of the rental truck and vehicles during Homecoming Week. While we often work behind the scenes, OPP plays an integral role in the success of Penn State Homecoming. Our committee color is Orange.

For questions or concerns please contact OPPerations Director, Shannon Buono, at opphomecoming@psu.edu.

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

This captain will assist the Director by keeping the committee informed on all things Homecoming and by being the point of contact for any in-house questions. He or she will be responsible for taking meeting minutes, sending emails, and ordering committee merchandise. In addition, he or she will organize and plan the OPP Captain and committee retreat as well as other OPP bonding events. In order to carry out these responsibilities, this captain will be required to attend an additional bi-weekly meeting with other captains of the same position on the other Homecoming committees. This person should be highly organized and have strong communication skills.

Logistics Captains (2)

These captains are responsible for ordering and organizing all equipment for the committee from our outside vendors. One Captain will be in charge of all heavy equipment such as light towers, gators, generator, and helium. The other Captain will be in charge of entertainment items such as inflatables, carnival games, tents, and “fun food” items. These Captains will be leaders during event set-ups to ensure all equipment is handled and set-up properly. These individuals should be comfortable working with heavy machinery as well as be reliable, organized, and responsible leaders.

Parade and Security Liaison (1)

This Captain will act as the OPP Liaison for the Parade, Security, and Distribution Management committees. He or she will be the OPP representative at the Parade Day Focus Group meetings in order to help create a timeline for all of Parade Day as well as fulfilling any OPP requests from Parade, Security, and Distribution Management. They will work closely with the Timeline and Logistics Captains to plan the OPP timeline for Parade Day, specifically focusing on set-up and teardown for the parade route. Additionally this Captain will be in charge of obtaining all parking permits from the University for equipment and trucks for Homecoming events. This individual should be an effective communicator in groups.


Special Projects Captain (2)

These Captains will be responsible for any projects that are specific in purpose and fall outside the normal responsibilities of the OPP committee. They will  design and construct any structures requested from other committees. These individuals should be creative and comfortable using basic tools necessary for construction.

Set Up, Tear Down(1)

This Captain is responsible for creating a detailed timeline for the set-up and teardown of all Homecoming events. These events include Legacy Celebration, Pollock Party, Past to Present, Best of Penn State Carnival, and Parade Day. This Captain is also responsible for making sure that all of set-up and teardown is going according to the timelines. This person should be organized and timely as well as possess good communication skills.

Event Management(1)

 This Captain’s main focus is the waste management aspect of Homecoming Events. They will be responsible ensuring correct recycling protocol happens during events, as well as disposal once an event is done. They will work to advertise the recycling to students prior to and during Homecoming events. They will also serve as a liaison for the Pride Events and University Relations committees. This person should be creative and have good communication skills.

Risk Management (1):

This Captain will be responsible for ensuring the safety of risky games and inflatables, petting zoo, helium, and gators by acting as the OPP Homecoming liaison with Penn State Risk Management. They will also in charge of handling all driving records required for gator usage. In addition to these responsibilities, this captain will also be the OPP committee leader. He or she will be required to hold committee meetings and organize committee bonding events. This captain should not only be organized but also a strong and effective leader.