Pride Events

What Pride Events Does

The Pride Events Committee is responsible for planning major events such as Past to Present, Best of Penn State Carnival and Field Day, and the Homecoming 5k. These events are designed to help unite the Penn State community by engaging all aspects of the university and teaching them about important historical traditions that bind all Nittany Lions together. Our committee color is Light Blue.

For questions or concerns please contact Pride Events Director, Matt Monaghan, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

This captain is responsible for anything pertaining to the Director and Homecoming in general. The captain will be in charge of taking meeting minutes, sending out reminders and ordering committee specific merchandise for the rest of the Pride Events captains. Furthermore, this captain will be in charge of planning teambuilding activities for the Pride Events captain committee throughout the year. This captain will be required to attend bi-weekly Administrative Assistant meetings in addition to their captain meetings. This captain will serve as the liaison to other Homecoming committees. This captain is not in charge of one particular event, but is expected to lend their assistance to the other Pride Events captains. This captain must be organized, punctual and have a desire to improve Homecoming as a whole.


Best of Penn State Carnival Captains (2)

These captains will be responsible for planning and executing the annual Best of Penn State Carnival (BOPS Carnival). Captains will be in charge of all aspects of the event, including, but not limited to, gathering a list of potential booths and coordinating them, a layout of the carnival, working on the timeline for the entertainment, helping with set-up, overseeing the event itself and assisting with tear-down of the event. These captains must come prepared with innovative and creative ideas for the future of this event. Applicants must possess strong work ethic, efficient communication skills and excellent organizational abilities.



Pride Events Committee Captain (2)

This captain is responsible for planning and executing the Past to Present event, prospective Fall Festival and Resident Hall Rev-Ups with their respective committee. The focus of these events is to spread awareness of all the events that Homecoming does while providing some entertainment for the students. Applicants should be hard working, creative, have great intrapersonal skills and be able to lead a group.