What Production Does

The Production Committee is responsible for developing and producing creative videos to use as promotion tools and enhance Homecoming events. We work closely with Technology and Public Relations to ensure that all videos can be promoted to the rest of the Penn State community.  The Production committee is responsible for writing all scripts for Penn State Homecoming events including the Parade, promotional commercials, as well as many other events. Production also secures and coordinates the Homecoming DJ as well as the two Homecoming Emcees.  Our committee color is Steel Blue.

For questions or concerns please contact the Production Director, Paige Wisehaupt, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant Captain (1)

The Administrative Assistant will work closely with the Production Director and is responsible for keeping detailed weekly meeting minutes, sending out committee reminders via email, ordering committee specific merchandise, and planning bonding events.  The Administrative Assistant is responsible for attending admin bi-weekly meetings in addition to their weekly captain meetings. They will also work with the Performance and Communication captains, and fill in where needed within the committee.

Videography Captains (4)

The Videography Captains will be responsible for filming, editing, and producing all videos related to Homecoming 2017.  They will create various promotional and informative videos to be shown on YouTube, as well as at events. It is the job of the videography captains to film and document all Penn State Homecoming events for future years. Applicants interested in this captain position should be knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere or other video editing software. They should be creative, able to meet deadlines and enthusiastic about Homecoming.

*A submission of a digital portfolio is highly recommended. Please attach a site link or flash drive with your work when submitting your application.

Scriptwriting Captains (4)

Scriptwriting Captains will be in charge of writing all scripts for Homecoming 2016.  A script is needed for all Homecoming events and will be read by the Emcees.  These captains also have the ability to choose the Emcees by holding all interviews and auditions.  Applicants interested should have excellent writing skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.

*A submission of a writing sample is recommended.  Please attach a copy or flash drive with your work when submitting your application.


Performance/DJ Captain (1)

The Performance/DJ Captain will be in charge of reaching out to the possible performers and creating a timeline for each event. They will also collect all performer music and organize it to give to the DJ. They will also work and communicate with the DJ.  This captain should be very organized and have good communication skills.


Communication Captain (1)

This captain will be in charge of the relationship with the webcast professor and continuously communicating with the class to make sure they have everything they need for the webcast. They will also help them on parade day with other Production Captains.  This captain should be organized and have good communications skills.