What Security Does

The Security Committee looks to provide security for any Homecoming event per the request of the Executive Committee to ensure the safety of all participants, spectators, and volunteers. Our main task is on Parade Day, where we rope off the entire Parade route and make sure all safety protocols are being observed. Security works closely with OPPerations, Parade, and Distribution Management to plan out Parade Day and other Homecoming events. Our committee color is  Red.

For questions or concerns please contact Security Director, Deanna Gavlick, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administration Assistant will assist the Director by taking meeting minutes, distributing materials, organizing information, and ordering merchandise for Captains.  He/she will also work with the Internal Development Director and Captains in bi-weekly meetings, which are in addition to the weekly Captain meetings.

Inter-Committee Liaison (1)

The Inter-Committee Liaison will be the liaison between Security and all other Homecoming committees. He/she will be responsible for ensuring Security needs are met for all Homecoming events, including the Legacy Celebration, the Past to Present Celebration, and Best of Penn State Carnival. He/she will also coordinate collaborations with other committees throughout the year, such as the Parade Day Focus Group (PDFG) - consisting of OPPerations, Distribution Management, and Parade.

Parade Liaison (1)

The Parade Liaison will oversee all Security tasks on Parade Day. Alongside the Director, he/she will develop a detailed Parade day-of-event timeline for Security to ensure that the parade route is secured and properly lined. The Parade Liaison will also work directly with the Parade committee to plan a timeline together and attend the Parade Day Focus Group (PDFG).

OPPerations Liaison (1)

The OPPerations Liaison will work directly with OPPerations to ensure Security can help OPPerations make Homecoming run smoothly and safely. They will develop a detailed timeline with OPPerations for Parade Day to ensure the setup and teardown of the parade goes as smoothly as possible. The OPPerations Liaison will also work alongside the other Captians and attend the Parade Day Focus Group (PDFG).