Alumni Spotlight: Meaghan DeMallie

Alumni Spotlight: Meaghan DeMallie

Meaghan DeMallie is a 2015 graduate of the Smeal College of Business with a degree in Marketing. During her time at Penn State, Meaghan was involved in THON and her sorority, Pi Phi. Today, Meaghan works in brand management full-time while also attending graduate school at the University of Chicago.

It wasn’t until she joined the executive board of the Panhellenic Council that Meaghan found her place at Penn State. She served as a Vice President of the council and moved into the President role for her junior/senior year. Meaghan says the biggest take-aways from her time as President were learning to challenge the status quo, as well as challenging other student leaders to do what is right.

Meaghan took what she gained from Penn State and applied it to her personal and professional life. She assists several non-profit organizations as a pro bono consultant, providing her skillset to the organizations that need help. Meaghan was inspired to help non-profits from her time in the Panhellenic Council. Serving as President, she saw a large group of people come together to help their community and make a big impact. Penn State shaped Meaghan’s professional career by teaching her to stand up when things are not right and to be comfortable with contradictory opinions. She says that having this mindset has helped her early on in her career.

Meaghan chose Penn State because she “just knew” Penn State was the right fit for her. She says that having a degree from Penn State has given her an edge in the professional world, and connected her with some of her closest friends at work. Meaghan keeps her Penn State connection through mentoring students in Smeal, and through her siblings, who are both currently Penn State students.

Meaghan says if she could thank Penn State, for one thing, it would be for teaching her to use her voice. She also learned from her college career how important it is to be passionate about what you are doing. She credits Penn State for the things she learned in the classroom, but also what she learned outside her marketing classes, leadership skills, and tools that she uses in her job today.

Penn State shaped Meaghan DeMallie into the person she is today, and for that reason, her favorite line of the Alma Mater is “thou didst mold us, Dear Old State.” The HUB holds some of Meaghan’s best memories, as walking through the HUB late at night showed her countless students all working to better themselves and each other. If Meaghan could give one piece of advice to college students, it would be to make time and space for learning outside the classroom; “more often than not, this is where you find yourself.”

-Rachel Betz

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