Penn State Stories


Meet the Penn State 2021 Homecoming Committee Directors!

Dom Rullo

Executive Director

Dom’s Story

Emma Dine

Outreach Officer

Emma’s Story

Chelsea Lewin

Logistics Officer

Chelsea’s Story

Christine Williams

Alumni Relations Director

Christine’s Story

Lindsey Cooper

Competition Director

Lindsey’s Story

Tim Nevil

Distribution Management Director

Tim’s Story

Olivia Ritchey

Financial Management Director

Olivia’s Story

Eli King

Internal Development Director

Eli’s Story

Ethan Harris

Merchandise Director

Ethan’s Story

Emily Sawtell

OPPerations Director

Emily’s Story

Rachael Savio

Parade Director

Rachael’s Story

Sean Davis

Pride Events Director

Sean’s Story

Clair Dunham

Public Relations Director

Clair’s Story

Alison Johnston

Court Relations Director

Alison’s Story

Bridget Hartshorne

Talent Relations Director

Bridget’s Story

Taryn Campion

Technology Director

Taryn’s Story

Keith Shearer

University Relations Director

Keith’s Story

Student Stories

“Selecting Penn State was the best decision of my life! I went across the country from my hometown of Los Angeles to attend this awesome school because of their professional guidance and career opportunities. Furthermore, the opportunities to meet people from across the world and all walks of life was invaluable and has broadened my horizons. Let’s go State!”

Ryan Feng

Class of 2018

 “I was the classic stressed out high school senior. I had no idea what I wanted to major in or where I wanted to go. Since I was a homebody the thought of leaving my parents and hometown seemed daunting. I started off my college search by looking at Maryland schools because they were all within an hour of my house. I visited the schools and liked them but never per-say loved one. At this point I was just looking at college as another 4 years of school to earn a degree and be done. With that mindset, I felt that any of the Maryland colleges would be fine because it was just school and worse case I could come home whenever I needed to.
It was second semester senior year and most of my classmates had chosen their college. They all had “that feeling” at their dream college and knew that’s where they wanted to go. Everyone was wearing their college sweatshirt and was so excited to graduate. This stressed me out even more because I had none of that excitement. So as the annoying little sister I was, I called my older sister and asked her for advice.
Of course her advice was COME TO PENN STATE. She was a junior at the time, and convinced me to come up and visit her. So I came up for the weekend and that’s when I fell in love with Penn State. I’m a little biased because I did come up for a football game but what really made me choose Penn State was the tour. When I was walking through campus I actually could see myself here. I finally got “that feeling”. Leaving the tour I got a rush of excitement and finally felt ready to go to college and leave my parents. That’s when I knew Penn State was the school for me. It was the only college where I felt this way.
I went home after that weekend, send my deposit and was Penn State, class of 2019. Penn State is so much more than school and just earning a degree. It has given me opportunities I would have never thought of. Penn State has taken me out of my comfort zone and helped shape me into a better person. Penn State gave me my home away from home and my second family. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I am so lucky to graduate from the best university in the world!!!”

Samantha Heavner

Class of 2018