Student Court

About Student Court

As one of 10 individuals on Student Court, you have the chance to embrace an opportunity that is steeped in rich history. You will be following in the steps of those individuals before you, who have been recognized for their passion to this University as a leader, scholar and community member. Your time as a Student Court Member will be filled with memories that go beyond just the four years it takes to get a degree. Your cohort of students will have the opportunity to lead a community-wide service project, have personal interactions with the Grand Marshal and ride in the largest student-run parade in the nation. If the possibility of leaving your Nittany Lion mark on this great University interests you, we want you as a member of the Penn State Homecoming Student Court.

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Student Court Timeline

Members of the Penn State student body are able to nominate a rising Senior during various spring and fall court nomination events. Homecoming Captains, whose duties include working with the Student Court, then take the time to go through nominations and send out applications to eligible individuals. The individual nominated chooses to fill out the application. Because of the amount of applications we receive each year, Homecoming will look through the applications and choose the top 20 candidates who will be sent to interview in front of a Faculty and Staff Panel. The Faculty and Staff Panel, made up of various Penn State faculty and staff members on a volunteer basis, take the time to interview applicants and cut the candidate pool from 20 to the final number of 10 Student Court members.

Spring Nominations


Spring Nominations are now open! All nominations will need to be submitted online. Only a nomination is needed to receive an application. Nomination tables will be set up at the HUB on April 25th during Legacy. Nominations close on August 14th at 11:59 PM. No late submissions will be accepted. 



Student Court Applications will go out to all those nominated via email. Applications will be due electronically on August 22nd at 11:59 PM. No late applications will be submitted. 

Faculty and Staff Panel Interviews

September 3, 2023

The selected 20 Student Court candidates will be offered an interview by the Faculty panel. Interviews will be held in the University House in Hintz Alumni Center.

Court Workshop

September 20, 2023

Location will be in HUB 134. All Homecoming Courts (Grad, University and Student) will receive their schedule of events and important information for Homecoming Week.

Student Court Service Event

Date TBD

All Student Court members will plan and implement a Campus-wide community service event.

Homecoming Week

October 8 – 14, 2023

All members of the Student Court are required to be present and active at all Homecoming Week Events.

Homecoming Football Game

October 14

Members of the Student Court will be presented at the Homecoming Football Game. The top two Court members will be crowned and given special recognition during this time.

Guide State Forward Award

As of Fall 2018, Homecoming Student Court members will have the opportunity to be selected as a recipient of the Guide State Forward Award. This award is a reminder of our vision as a Homecoming Executive Committee and an organization. Guide State Forward, the values and ideals that we hold true, have become a permanent keepsake in the form of an award. These two select individuals, will be able to embrace their legacy not only as a member of Student Court, but as a recipient of such an honor. Guide State Forward looks to the past, it’s memories and it’s traditions; the monumental moments that made our University and organization so unique. These three words also look towards the future. Where we have come from, and where we hope to go; the change and the impact we hope to one day leave. We hope that by receiving the Guide State Forward Award, that members of the Student Court through through the years, will choose to carry on these words that we all hold dear to our hearts.

For more information, refer to our Student Court Handbook below.

Student Court Handbook