Julia’s Story


Julia Grecco

As someone who did not come from a Penn State family, I never expected to have a Penn State story. I didn’t have any family who went here, I had never even considered this school as an option until visiting for a football game with a friend and thinking “why not”. As someone who loved football growing up but had never actually been to a game before, I was immediately sucked in. Penn State was never a part of my plan, so it was all a big surprise for me to end up here, but after spending two years here I now know there is no better place for me.
Coming into a place I had never been before, surrounded by people I didn’t know, my freshman year was definitely intimidating. It wasn’t until I joined my sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, became a Homecoming Captain, and joined a THON Committee that I really started to find my place here. Once I did, I was pulled into the culture and life here on this amazing campus. My incredible sorority sisters welcomed me with open arms and gave me a sisterhood that cannot possible be broken. THON is very close to my heart as I’m pursuing a career as a Child Life Specialist, and my amazing committee taught me the ropes and made the organization something I couldn’t imagine not having in my life. Homecoming has brought me even more pride for my school, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to celebrate our traditions with such an amazing organization of students.
My Penn State story is not the typical one. I wasn’t chanting “We Are” as a toddler, I didn’t have pictures at the lion shrine documenting my childhood, I didn’t know the city of State College like the back of my hand, and I didn’t know what to expect walking into Beaver Stadium for that first football game; but looking back now I cannot possibly imagine myself anywhere else. On football Saturdays, I want to be in the stands, arms linked, swaying to the alma mater. I want yell “We Are” at groups of touring students and welcome them into our community. I want to celebrate my Penn State story, as atypical as it may be, and the stories of a those who experienced this incredible place a hundred years before me. I’m very proud to be a Penn Stater; the Nittany Lion has forever left a pawprint on my heart.