Eli’s Story


Eli King

This year’s Homecoming shows how we are rising from the circumstances that we have faced in the past year. It is incredibly exciting to see how we are bringing back our traditions within this organization, as well as look into bringing in new opportunities for us to grow. I, for one, am ecstatic for this Homecoming week because it shows how far we came this year. The main reason that we have decided to pick our theme was to showcase all we can do if we work together as community. We can oversee and challenge and in the end, we will prevail.
Being the Internal Development Director this year was an absolute blessing in disguise. There is nothing more than I love than to bring people together and celebrate our successes and this position has allowed me to do just that. I am looking forward to witness all the hard work that everyone has put in this Homecoming , with both their committee and the rest of the organization. During Homecoming week, I will be around a resource for everyone who needs some uplifting, as well as providing everyone the opportunity to continue making connections until the week has come to an end.