Kasey’s Story


Kasey Dunleavy

In 1986, my mom graduated from Penn State with a B.S in Marketing. She had just finished the best 4 years of her life, full of football games, late night studying, Creamery trips, and everything in between. 33 years later, I began my career at Penn State, also studying Marketing. I’m now a Sophomore, almost halfway through my Penn State career and I can only imagine what the next two years, and lifetime, as a Penn Stater have in store. 

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to go to Penn State. Each year, my parents would take our family to a football game on Labor Day weekend. While at the time I had little to no interest in football (something that has since changed drastically), I made some of my fondest memories growing up during those trips. The warm evenings spent walking up and down College Ave. shopping for t-shirts and pom-poms we didn’t need, before waking up early to tailgate a football game that hardly affected the season, as if it was a championship game. Something I never noticed as a kid that I now see is that no matter the week, the game, the time of year – the energy is always the same. Penn Staters radiate a level of excitement and enthusiasm that truly can’t be described or replicated, and that’s what drew me here. 

Coming to Penn State freshman year was nothing short of terrifying. How could I make somewhere so huge my home for the next four years? Quickly, however, I came to learn it isn’t the place that makes Penn State home – it’s the people. This is something I never understood until I became a part of Penn State, but when I did become a part of it all, I dove in head first. Now more than ever, I’m grateful for the Penn State community. These past two years have flown by in the blink of an eye and I know the next two will go by even quicker. 

If you had told that terrified freshman version of myself that in just over a year she would be on the Executive Board for Homecoming, as well as serving on the board of a non-profit she loves (shout out Camp Kesem Central PA), on a THON committee, AND in a sorority she has come to love with her entire heart, she would tell you you’re crazy. However, you would be right. Today I am so grateful for the opportunities that Penn State has given me, and for the Penn State story I’ve shaped so far.