Keep Up Penn State

Keep Up Penn State

You all may be asking yourself “What’s going on with Penn State Homecoming 2020?” We still have lots of fun things planned and virtual events coming your way! Now if you are wondering how to stay up to date with all the upcoming events, there are many ways to stay in the know! 

The Blog:  

If you are reading this, you are in the right place! Of course, there is the blog. With biweekly posts, you will never miss a (Blue Band) beat of what’s going on. We will always keep you up to date with the latest events and give you all the information on how to get involved in Penn State Homecoming!  


Our social media team is always creating new and fun content for our Twitter account. They make sure to keep you up to date on all the exciting events that Homecoming 2020 has to offer! If you want to make sure you are in the know, you can follow us at @PSUHOMECOMING.  


Missing some of your favorite Homecoming directors, captains, and committee members. Click on over to our Instagram to catch up on all the latest work Homecoming 2020 is doing and see all your favorite people. Follow us @psuhomecoming to see more fun pictures of Homecoming throughout the years celebrating For The Glory! 


Want to share with your family all the great work Penn State Homecoming is doing? Looking to get those 500+ connections on LinkedIn? Connect with us @PennStateHomecoming to share all the latest and greatest going on with Homecoming 2020! 

– Hady Truesdail  

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