Penn State Homecoming is one of the largest student-run homecoming organizations in the country, which aims to celebrate tradition and instill pride in all members of the Penn State family through active engagement of students, alumni, faculty and staff across the community. Our organization is comprised of nearly 400 student volunteers who donate their time to creating a multitude of events that make the Homecoming celebration a yearlong event.

Students work with their peers, alumni, corporate sponsors, and various other community members to help make Homecoming Week and our other annual events occur. Homecoming maintains lasting relationships with those in and outside of Penn State University to ensure a successful celebration each year.

Homecoming has been a tradition at Penn State since our first Homecoming game was played on October 9, 1920, against Dartmouth. Ninety-seven years later we continue to celebrate our traditions, by participating in many events each year.

What was once known as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania, Penn State University has witnessed name changes, building expansions and immeasurable growth. Yet despite ongoing change, Penn State Homecoming remains steadfast in creating and upholding pride and tradition amongst those who bleed blue and white.


Embrace the Journey, Roar with Pride!

The 2017 Homecoming theme is “Embrace the Journey, Roar with Pride”. To arrive at this theme, we first started out by creating a list of words that we associate with Penn State, Homecoming, and the pride and traditions that both of those organizations bring to mind. As we started to formulate themes, we agreed that we all come to Penn State with different stories and experiences.

Furthermore, we each have unique experiences at Penn State. This school, and everything that comes with it, shapes each and every one of us. That’s why we chose to incorporate “Embrace the Journey.” Our time here is truly a journey, filled with many great times and learning experiences. We chose to incorporate “Roar with Pride,” because Nittany Lions not only roar, but here in Happy Valley we roar with pride.

One of the most unique characteristics of going to Penn State is the pride that comes with it. Fans, students and alumni alike share the same immense pride in this University - in the quality of education, the opportunities that arise here, and the global reach of Penn State.

— Jillian Susi, Homecoming Executive Director 2017


Our Logo

"While exploring different approaches for the 2017 logo, I was struck by the verbs of this year’s theme: embrace and roar. There is no better emblem of Penn State than the Nittany Lion, and the Lion’s broad gestures at athletic events, from hugging a student to directing the crowd in a roaring “We Are” chant, aligned so well as a symbol of the theme. Usually my design process involves burning up a lot of sketchbook, sketching pages and pages of iterations then refining for a few more pages before I get on a computer. In this case, the idea of melding the lion and the year together flopped out of the sky; it was just a rough draft in the margins. I hope the logo captures the action and energy of the Lion and Penn State, the uniqueness of each Penn Stater’s path and the pride shared by the community."

— Turner Blashford, 2017 Logo Designer