In addition to Homecoming's 16 Captain Committees, there are opportunities for students to get involved as a committee members. Committee members assist in Homecoming events and are vital to the success of Penn State's Homecoming celebration. To read more about each Captain committee, visit the committee section.

Parade (16)

The Parade Committee assists the captains on Parade Day by helping out at the Parade Grounds. They will run the check-in booths, guide organizations to their designated locations, and ensure every group is lined up properly and departs in the correct order. In addition to helping out on Parade Day, there are a variety of events that committee members must attend to ensure the success of the Parade.

PR Photo (10)

Photography committee members are responsible for capturing and documenting all Homecoming events throughout the year. Applicants should be creative, have some photography experience, and a basic knowledge of editing software. Applicants will need to submit a portfolio.

Merchandise (25)

The Merchandise Committee members are responsible for working at the Homecoming merchandise sales throughout the year, and working with specific Homecoming Captains with creative projects to spread the word about Penn State Homecoming through merchandise. Applicants should be creative, organized, and outgoing.

Pride Events (10)

The Pride Events committee members will be responsible for assisting Pride Events Captains in the planning and execution of Homecoming events throughout the year. These events include, but are not limited to, Past to Present Celebration and Residence Hall Rev-Ups. These individuals should be creative, hard workers, and excel in a team setting.

Security (25)

The Security Committee provides security for Homecoming events as necessary. We ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers in order for everyone to enjoy all the events to the fullest. Our work culminates on Parade day as we patrol the parade route to ensure everyone is following all safety procedures. Security will also work closely with the OPPerations committee throughout the year and any committee that needs our assistance.

First Year Involvement (20)

The First-Year Involvement Committee is selected in the fall, and is a way for Freshmen to get involved immediately upon coming to Penn State. You will be able to help plan the week-long Homecoming celebration and get to make friends while doing it. This committee helps plan the Pollock Party, helps promote different events throughout Homecoming week, and will even get to be in the Homecoming Parade! Please note: you must be a Freshmen to apply.

Emcees (1 Male, 1 Female)

The Homecoming Emcees will be hosting all events throughout the year and be the face of Homecoming. They will keep the crowd entertained and excited, and actively involve the student body, alumni, and community members. They will work closely with the Production committee to assist with event scripts and contribute ideas. 

OPPerations (10)

The OPPerations committee will assist captains in set up and tear down activities for Homecoming events. These individuals should be prepared to work hard and attend a variety of Homecoming events to ensure the success of OPP and Homecoming as a whole.

Competition (8)

The Competition Committee will assist in tracking and maintaining Competition Points for all of the competing organizations in Homecoming. Additionally, the Committee will work with the Competition Captains in executing each of the competitive events. These individuals should be organized and have a basic knowledge of Excel/Google Sheets.