Donor Relations

What DR Does

The Donor Relations Committee is responsible for securing all donations, both in-kind, food and beverage, and monetary, per request of the Executive Committee. We will work to develop positive relationships will all sponsors and ensure that they receive the appropriate entitled benefits. Our committee is Kelly Green.

For questions or concerns please contact Donor Relations Director, Natalie Scott, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for many things. They are the Director’s right-hand helper during all of Homecoming. They are responsible for taking meeting minutes and communicating with other committees to help figure out what donations are needed. This person will be responsible for attending admin bi-weekly meetings in addition to their weekly captain meetings. The Administrative Assistant is also in charge of all merchandise for the committee and will work with all the sponsors to acquire their logos and make sure they receive their benefits. Organization and time management is extremely important to this position.

Donation Development (1)

The Donation Development Captain is in charge of spreading awareness of Homecoming sponsorship opportunities. This includes keeping track of all donations to Homecoming by organizing and maintaining the donation tracker. They are also in charge of planning and implementing new strategies to better suit our Donors and new sponsorship opportunities. This person must be an excellent communicator and able to express the importance of Homecoming. They must also be extremely organized and creative.

Benefiting (1)

The Benefiting Captain is in charge of thanking and benefiting all donors and sponsors of Homecoming. They will work extremely close with the Donation Development Captain to manage the donations to Homecoming. They will also be responsible for putting together sponsor packets and working with other committees and the donors they coordinate. This captain is required to be very prompt. They need to meet benefitting deadlines and change benefits according to the donation tracker.


Liaison (1)

The Liaison Captain will be in charge of working with the Distribution Management, Finance, and OPPerations committees. They will work to create timelines for all Homecoming events. These timelines will coordinate all pick-ups and drop-offs of donated goods. They will also be in charge of communicating to the entire Donor Relations Committee what is expected of their members during Homecoming Events. This person must be very good at working with others. They need to be able to communicate and organize a large group of people.


Corporate Sponsor (1)

The Corporate Sponsor Captain will be responsible for communicating with National Corporations who are involved in Penn State Homecoming and applying for corporate donations. They will work closely with the Donation Development Captain to recruit new corporate sponsors, and will work with the Homecoming Alumni Interest group to explore collaboration in the future. This captain needs to be ready to communicate with big businesses. They need to be able to express the importance of Homecoming and be able to work with others.


Tent Captain (1)

The Tent Captain will be responsible for coordinating all of the donations that are delivered to the tents on parade day. This person will also work with the Competition Family and Friends Tent Captains to assure that everything runs smoothly that day. They will be in charge of all aspects of the Sponsor Tent including setting up and decorating the tent. This person will also work closely with the Public Relations Committee. In addition to these responsibilities, they will work with Vamos to get the company more involved in Homecoming.