Public Relations

What PR Does

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for all publicity of Homecoming events and acts as the liaison between the press and the Executive Committee. We work to design promotional materials, which includes, but is not limited to, advertisements, flyers, and posters. PR is also responsible for planning the Homecoming Spikes Game, Homecoming Blood Drive, and Homecoming Spirit Days. Our committee color is Lilac.

For questions or concerns please contact Public Relations Director, Marielle Ravally, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant works closely with the PR Director. They are responsible for recording meeting minutes, ordering committee merchandise, and creating team building activities. The Administrative Assistant will also manage the Public Relations request forms. This person will be the main communication contact between the Public Relations committee and the rest of the Homecoming committees to ensure everyone has the information needed to promote all Homecoming events. In addition the Administrative Assistant will work with the Social Media Captains to find fun, interesting content to share on our accounts. This captain will work closely with the Competition, Operations, and Parade committees and assist with the Homecoming Concert. Applicants should be organized, have strong communication skills, and be a team player.

Social Media Captain (2)

The Social Media Captains will be in charge of maintaining the Homecoming Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. These captains should be interested in ways to broaden the Homecoming appearance in alternative media and should be prepared to work closely with other committees to promote events and share Homecoming news and updates. Applicants should have a strong background in social media, possess creativity, excellent writing and communications skills, and a strong voice.


Media Relations Captains (2)

The Media Relations Captains’ responsibilities include writing press releases, media advisories, PSAs, and feature articles to be sent to local and state newspapers. These Captains will also work closely with TV/radio stations and should be prepared to assist media and print networks during all Homecoming events. The Media Relations Captains will also be in charge of creating the 2017 Homecoming Press Kit, Press FAQ Sheet, and Crisis Communication Plan. Applicants should have excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills. Applicants are encouraged to have a strong background in public relations.

Photography Captains (2)

The Photography Captains will be in charge of documenting all Homecoming events by taking and editing photos in addition to uploadingthese photos to the web. These captains will also be responsible for a Photography Committee. These captains will work closely with the Social Media Captain and Technology Committee. Applicants should have photography experience, possess creativity, and have strong leadership skills. Applicants will need to present a portfolio.

Graphic Design Captains (4)

The Graphic Design Captains are responsible for designing and creating advertisements that will appear in various publications and places across campus. Captains will also create designs for balloons, flyers, and posters used to promote Homecoming. Graphic Design Captains will serve as liaisons to the Finance and Technology Committees. Applicants should have experience using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and have knowledge of graphic design. Majors in graphic design and advertising are encouraged to apply. Applicants will need to present a portfolio.

Marketing Captain (2)

The Marketing Captains will be responsible for developing marketing plans for each Homecoming event. These Captains will work closely with the Public Relations Director, as well as, many other committees to create big picture plans. Applicants should be organized, dedicated, and have marketing experience. Marketing majors are encouraged to apply.