What Tech Does

The Technology Committee is responsible for the continuing development and redevelopment of the Homecoming website and database. The Technology Committee is always looking for ways to improve Homecoming through the use of Technology, to make it run more efficiently. The Technology Committee is unique in that the Captains may continue to work until the next year's committee is selected. Our committee color is Gold.

For questions or concerns please contact Technology Director, Aaron McKenzie, at

Captain Positions

Administrative Assistant (1)

The Administrative Assistant will work closely with the Technology Director. Their duties will be to keep meeting minutes, organize merchandise orders and events for the committee, and emphasize committee bonding. This captain will also act as the primary point of contact between other Homecoming Committees to ensure that all projects are up to date. This Captain will work closely with PR to ensure all banners, announcements, and subscriptions are current. Administrative Assistants must be very organized and have good time management skills.

*Technical skills are not required, but are favorable for this position

Project Liaison Captains (2)  

The Project Liaison Captains will be responsible for managing all of the content that is on the Homecoming website. As a Project Liaison captain, you will be responsible for what the world sees on the Homecoming website, as well as liaise between the Technology Committee and other Committees. You will handle requests from other Committees and generate new content for the Homecoming website. Any development or project management skills are helpful, but not required by any means - only solid communication skills, a technical mindset, teamwork, and a desire to learn are required.

Positions within the Project Liaisons may include:

  • Merchandise Store:  This Captain will be responsible for the design, content, and layout of the online Homecoming merch catalog.
  • Registration:  These Captains will work to redesign the registration system for overall, event, and alumni/community registrations.
  • Alumni Relations/Royalty Liaison:  This Captain will work on developing the Court Nominations forms in both the Spring and Fall.
  • Committee Applications:  This captain will develop a robust application for committees to be utilized all throughout Homecoming.

Web Developer Captains (2)

They will be responsible for maintaining active development on the Homecoming website and database. These Captains must be technologically innovative, and must think outside of the box when it comes to Homecoming’s use of technology. These Captains should be technically-minded, have strong communication skills, and a willingness to learn. While not required by any means, a knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, or CSS is useful for this position.

Web Security Captain (1)

This captain will be responsible for managing elements of the Homecoming website to ensure the security of the site. As a Web Security captain, you will be responsible for performing weekly backups of the website and database, testing and performing updates, and conducting security assessments. This captain should have a technical mindset, strong communication skills, and a willingness to learn. Experience with HTML, CSS, and information security concepts is useful for this position.

*Please note: all Technology positions, projects, and responsibilities are subject to change*