University Relations

What UR Does

The University Relations Committee works to increase student involvement in Homecoming and serves as the liaison between Homecoming and Penn State administrators and student organizations. University Relations is responsible for planning and coordinating the logistics behind events such as the Homecoming Day of Service, Dance Competition, Office Competition, Homecoming Blood Drive and working with SPA for the Concert to kick off Homecoming Week. Our committee color is Maroon.

For questions or concerns please contact University Relations Director, Emily Ianovale, at

Captain Positions

Involvement Captain (2)

These Captains will work towards increasing Homecoming involvement of the incoming freshmen. This will primarily be done by overseeing the First Year Involvement Committee. These Captains will promote applications for the committee, review the applications, hold meetings and plan events for them. These Captains should be creative and passionate about spreading the mission of Homecoming to first year students.

Outreach Captain (1)

This Captain will work closely with the director to maintain committee organization as well as with different administrators on campus to organize events that promote Homecoming participation, including Day of Service and Office Competition. Responsibilities for this position include creating timelines for events, keeping meeting minutes, sending out reminder emails, coordinating bonding activities and ordering committee merchandise. This captain will serve as a liaison between University Relations and the Internal Development Committee as well as different organizations both in and outside of Penn State. The Outreach Captain will also be responsible for fielding any questions that organizations may have regarding homecoming. This Captain should be very organized, hardworking, and have excellent communication skills.

Dance Competition Captains (2)

These Captains are primarily responsible for planning and executing the annual Homecoming Dance Competition. They will recruit and maintain communication with all participating dance organizations. This is done by holding Dance Competition information sessions, auditions, educating dance organization on competition criteria, obtaining emcee introductions and music files from each organization, and taking charge of checking-in dancers on the day of the event. These Captains should be motivated and organized to create this event.

Student Athlete Involvement Liaison (SAIL) Captains (2)

These Captains will act as the liaisons between the Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) and Homecoming. These Captains must be student athletes or have involvement with SAAB. A requirement for these Captains is to be able to attend SAAB general meetings as well as University Relations meetings, however, they cannot hold any other position on SAAB’s executive board or serve as the SAAB Homecoming Chair. These Captains will be the primary contact with coaches and athletes for appearances at various Homecoming events. Additionally, they will develop new and creative ways to better integrate athletics into Homecoming celebrations. These Captains should be motivated, passionate about all areas of Penn State, and willing to reach out to numerous athletic teams campus-wide.