Emily’s Story


Emily Sawtell

This Homecoming means a lot to me because it embodies a true Homecoming. After the past year or so we’ve had, this Homecoming represents growth, resilience, and strength as we move away from the hardships this past year has given to us and towards a promising future. As the OPPerations Director, COVID had a direct impact on everything that my committee typically does for Homecoming. We plan and execute the setup and teardown of all Homecoming events as well as coordinate with police to keep everyone safe throughout our events. COVID took all in-person events away and therefore took away everything my committee is in charge of since there is no set up or tear down of a virtual event. Moving forward, I want my committee to embrace the opportunities they have being involved with Homecoming OPPerations and take advantage of every early morning and late night we have preparing for one of the best weeks in State College. Being involved in Homecoming has changed my life for the better and I encourage everyone to take advantage of an in-person Homecoming because you never know when the world may flip upside down.