The mission of Penn State Homecoming is to celebrate tradition and instill pride in all members of the Penn State family through active engagement of students, alumni, faculty and staff across the community.


We believe that the traditional sense of a homecoming celebration encompassing a parade and football game has evolved, and strive to set a new standard for homecoming celebrations.. Penn State Homecoming organizes a number of exciting events in the spring and fall semesters culminating with the events of Homecoming Week.

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Who We Are

Penn State Homecoming is one of the largest student-run homecoming organizations in the country, which aims to celebrate tradition and instill pride in all members of the Penn State family through active engagement of students, alumni, faculty and staff across the community. Our organization is comprised of nearly 400 student volunteers who donate their time to creating a multitude of events that make the Homecoming celebration a yearlong event.

What We Do

Students work with many Penn State organizations, alumni, corporate sponsors, and various community members to help make Homecoming Week and our other annual events successfully occur. Homecoming maintains lasting relationships with those in and outside of Penn State University to ensure a successful celebration each year.

Welcome to Homecoming Week 2014


Homecoming is happy to welcome you to a week full of exciting events celebrating the pride of Penn State. Hover over the images below for information on each event. Be sure to visit our events page for more information on each day!

Honor the Purpose

This years Homecoming theme is "Honor the Purpose, Carry the Pride". As a student, you work and build to achieve something. You uphold the values in your time here. After you graduate, it doesn't end. You take with you that purpose that led you to Penn State in the First place. You carry the pride with you each and every day thereafter. We often say, and sing, “Penn State Forever”. We believe the theme encompasses this. The theme is a reminder of multiple aspects of what it means to be a Penn Stater. We all come to Penn State with an idea. An idea of what we expect, of what we know, of what we learn, of what with hope to achieve. That is the purpose. While a student, you work to honor that. Honor the Purpose.

Carry the Pride

As your time here goes on, you build and strengthen your love and commitment to the Penn State family. As an alum, you always remember and cherish your memories and time at Penn State. You carry those with you and remind yourself and those around of of the pride of the Nittany Lion. Carry the Pride. The theme for Penn State Homecoming 2014 connects the student and alumni base. It brings our family closer through our purposes and unified pride. Each Nittany Lion may have or have had a different purpose and reason to be proud, but it is those connections that bring us together that call us a Penn State Family.

Homecoming 2015 Executive Committee Application

The time of year has come again! With each Homecoming comes a new Executive Committee. Applications are due by 4:00pm on Friday, November 14th. Applicants must turn in a hard copy to 209 HUB, where they will sign up from an interview slot. Interviews will take place Sunday the 16th, Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th.

The application can be found here.

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Homecoming Week In Review


Dance Competition & Concert

Congratulations to Urban Dance Troupe & Whiplash on winning this years competition. Matt & Kim ended the night with our annual concert.


East Halls Celebration

This years EHC was the first to be held outside in the East Halls Quad. Geared toward freshmen, this fun event include acapella singers and an inflatable maze.


Past 2 Present & FTG Talent Show

Learn about Penn State history by day in the HUB, and join us in Eisenhower for the Talent Show at night. This years winner were the Penn State Lion Ambasadors


BOPS Carnival & Field Day

Carnival games, performers, popcorn, inflatables, and Bell Tower tours on Old Main Lawn. An exciting day of hamster bay races, slides, and the Nittany Lion.


Court Reception

The Homecoming Executive Committee and Royalty Committee welcomed our Student and University Courts, and affiliated faculty and guests for an evening in the Hintz Alumni Center. The night included keynote speaker Jay Paterno.


Alumni Ice Cream Social & Parade

Before the parade, the Alumni Association provided Creamery Ice Cream to all guests. One of the most memorable and most-attended parades in recent years stepped off at 6pm.


Homecoming Football Game

This years game noon kickoff against the Northwestern Wildcats was greeted with sunshine and warm weather. Congratulations to Kevin Bunce and Kenya Crawford - our 2014 King and Queen!

To learn more about each event, visit our events page