The mission of Penn State Homecoming is to celebrate tradition and instill pride in all members of the Penn State family through active engagement of students, alumni, faculty and staff across the community.


We believe that the traditional sense of a homecoming celebration encompassing a parade and football game has evolved, and strive to set a new standard for homecoming celebrations.. Penn State Homecoming organizes a number of exciting events in the spring and fall semesters culminating with the events of Homecoming Week.


Penn State Homecoming is one of the largest student-run homecoming organizations in the country, which aims to celebrate tradition and instill pride in all members of the Penn State family through active engagement of students, alumni, faculty and staff across the community. Our organization is comprised of nearly 400 student volunteers who donate their time to creating a multitude of events that make the Homecoming celebration a yearlong event.

Students work with their peers, alumni, corporate sponsors, and various other community members to help make Homecoming Week and our other annual events occur. Homecoming maintains lasting relationships with those in and outside of Penn State University to ensure a successful celebration each year.

Homecoming has been a tradition at Penn State since our first Homecoming game was played on October 9, 1920, against Dartmouth. Ninety-six years later we continue to celebrate our traditions, by participating in many events each year, and inspiring new beginnings.

What was once known as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania, Penn State University has witnessed name changes, building expansions and immeasurable growth. Yet despite ongoing change, Penn State Homecoming remains steadfast in creating and upholding pride and tradition amongst those who bleed blue and white.

Old State Inspiring New Beginnings!

Penn State is the place that many of us call home. It is a place where we came to find and pursue our passions, a place where we came to grow into the people that we aspire to be.

What many people find intriguing about Penn Sate is that is ever-changing. Penn State offers a unique opportunity to make a change, move forward, and leave a legacy. Each year we build on that legacy, leaving individual marks on Penn State, and the world. We leave our paw prints so the future generations can continue the path to excellence. 

While our student body, alumni, and faculty and staff are constantly evolving, one thing remains the same: our passion to create something amazing. 

Each day at Penn State is a new day. It is an opportunity to change and develop skills, to foster relationships and create new ones. Whatever obstacles are in our paths, we know that we can work to overcome them. This university is home to many honored traditions that provide its students with the foundation to reach all of their goals. While we remain true to these traditions, we also look forward to the changing growth that we seek for the future. 

Old State Inspiring New Beginnings 





Our Logo

The weather vein alludes to the origin of Penn State as an Agricultural University in 1855. In addition, there is a weather vein featuring the Penn State lion perched on top of Beaver Stadium. The logo also symbolically represents the coming together of people from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world to come home to Penn State. The lion and the arrow point forward and up to signify the start of new beginnings. The logo is also formed in the shape of a circle, so that is can be emblematic and easily recognized.